Individualized Vaccinations

A deeper approach to immunology.

As a child, you likely received vaccinations to keep you protected from conditions such as the flu, tetanus, measles, and Hepatitis. But did you know that pets need to be vaccinated, too? At Columbia Pike Animal Hospital in Annandale, VA, we recommend regularly scheduled vaccinations for all of our canine and feline patients.

Cat and dog vaccinations are your pet’s best defense against rabies, distemper, Lyme disease, and influenza, to name a few. Vaccines are easy to administer, and can last several years. Nothing’s more important to us than your pet’s health and your satisfaction—vaccinations are integral to your loved one’s longevity, and we want you to enjoy as many years together as possible. Give us a call at (703) 256-8414 to start your pet’s vaccination schedule.

Pet Vaccinations and Protocol

We offer all the essential and lifestyle vaccinations pets need to stay healthy and protected from harmful pathogens. Core vaccines are required for your pet’s ongoing wellness, while non-core vaccines are given according to their lifestyle. Our core and non-core vaccines include: 


  • Rabies (core)
  • DHPP/distemper-parvo
  • Lyme (non-core)
  • Bordetella (non-core, required for boarding, daycare, grooming, dog park)
  • Canine influenza (non-core, required for boarding, daycare, grooming, and dog park)
  • Leptospirosis


  • Rabies (core, we offer traditional and PUREVAX)
  • Feline distemper/FVRCP (FVRCP, core)
  • Feline leukemia (non-core)

*Rabies vaccinations are required by VA state law