Cat Wellness Care:

Keeping Kitties in “Purr-fect” Health


Once your kitten has matured into an adult cat, it’s important that he or she continues to receive regular pet wellness care. We understand that traveling to the veterinary hospital may not be your cat’s favorite activity. However, even indoor-only kitties have the potential to develop injuries and disease.

Whether you come in to see us, or we bring our mobile vet clinic to you, our veterinarians will provide your kitty with the cat health care necessary to ensure many happy years of playing, purring, and cuddling to come.

Cat Wellness Exams

Your kitty should have a complete physical each year. When you come in for the appointment, please bring a small stool sample if possible—just scoop it from the litter box! This will be helpful to your cat, as well as our veterinary staff.

Before you meet with our veterinarians, you will be asked to complete a cat symptoms checklist. This will enable us to be aware of any physical or behavioral cues that may be relevant to your cat’s health. These could range from changes in litter box habits to cat dental issues, such as mouth irritation or pain.

During the exam, our veterinarians will carefully check your kitty from nose to tail. Your cat’s eyes, ears, nose, teeth, gums, mouth, fur, skin, paws, limbs, and joints will be examined to confirm that all is well.

In addition, we will run blood and fecal tests to ensure your cat does not have internal parasites, including heartworms. Blood work also will be conducted to examine your cat’s organ function. Since kitties are prone to diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and kidney disease—especially once they become senior pets. Having baseline measurements is extremely helpful should a future problem develop.

Preventive Care Measures

In order to keep your feline healthy, our veterinarians will take this opportunity to speak with you about preventive care measures we can take together to protect your pet. These include:

Heartworm, flea, and tick control—Cats are just as susceptible to heartworms as dogs are. It’s important that all kitties—including those that are indoor only—receive year-round protection because infected mosquitoes can easily slip into your home. Just one bite could have deadly consequences. We will be happy to help you identify which of the many flea, tick, and heartworm products available will best suit your cat.

Pet vaccinations—During your cat’s wellness exam, our veterinarians also will make sure your feline is up to date on his or her core cat vaccinations. These include rabies and distemper. Depending upon your cat’s lifestyle and exposure to other animals, we may recommend the feline leukemia vaccine be administered as well.

Pet dental care—Cats are prone to an extremely painful dental condition known as feline tooth resorption. In order to protect your cat from this and other oral diseases, our veterinarians will carefully inspect his or her teeth, gums, and mouth. If a cat teeth cleaning is recommended, our talented and gentle veterinary staff will be happy to provide it. Our veterinarians also will discuss preventive measures you can take at home, ranging from cat dental chews to oral supplements.

Pet nutrition counseling—Who hasn’t wanted to give their cat an extra treat once in a while? The only problem is that too many goodies will lead to an overweight—even obese—feline, resulting in a host of pet health disorders. Our veterinarians will carefully examine your cat’s weight and overall physical condition to ensure that he or she is healthy. We also will be happy to discuss your cat’s changing nutritional needs and which cat foods will best address them.

Spay and neuter services—If you do not plan to breed your cat, there are many health benefits that come from having him or her altered. At Columbia Pike Animal Hospital, we provide low-cost spay and neuter services while offering only the highest quality of veterinary surgical care.

Microchips—If your cat were to become lost—either by slipping out the door when someone’s not looking, or while traveling with you on a trip—this tiny form of permanent identification could make all the difference. Animal shelters across the country are equipped with scanners that enable them to identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners. Please speak with us about this quick and easy procedure.

Thank you for turning to us for your cat’s veterinary care. We will do everything possible to ensure that he or she has a long, healthy, and happy life full of purrs!